Five Benefits of Sex


Sex is one of the most important yet a condemned topic in most homes. We focus on so many other things like nutrition, proper diet and exercise to be beneficial to the body but, did you know that sex is as important as these three? In fact, sex is an essential requirement in the human body and can be beneficial if you indulge yourself often. To help you understand, below are five benefits of sex that you should know.

Sex Improves Sleep

If you toss and turn a lot at night, then sex may be what you need to change that. Sex is well known to induce sleep. The hormone prolactin which is produced during orgasm is excellent in making you feel drowsy and sleepy. So, getting lots of sex before bedtime could increase your chances of enjoying good sleep every night.


Sex Reduces Stress Levels

All cuddling, hugging and kissing produce “good feel” hormones which promote a relaxed state of mind. This relaxation of the brain muscles reduces emotional strain in the brain and, in turn, promote good psychological health. Things like anxiety, depression and other stressful emotions are significantly reduced with a relaxed mind. So, if you want to get off your depression pills, what you need is sex!

Sex Boosts Your Moods

Feeling bored or sluggish? Sex is your remedy. Sex is well known to produce ”feel good” hormones which not only increase your sleep as we said earlier but can also improve your moods. People who have sex often are always happier and cheerful as opposed to someone who doesn’t have sex regularly. So, regular sex may be your best option for better moods.

Sex Helps in Weight Loss

Did you know you unconsciously exercise a lot during sex? Many people do not notice, but a lot of energy is used during sex. This expelled energy can be translated to calories. Meaning that you burn lots of calories during sex thus helping you keep fit. Although, weight loss may vary depending on the individual.

romantic couple

Sex Improves Health

With so many benefits sex has to offer the body, it is not a wonder that health should also be added to this list. Due to its psychological benefits to the brain, sex promotes good heart health. All kinds of heart problems are reduced by half if you actively indulge in sex with your partner. Heart conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, heart failure among others will be a thing of the past. You are less likely to get cardiovascular diseases, which the quality of your life because of good health.

With all these benefits sex has to offer, it is not a taboo topic after all! Sex is about enjoying each others company. After all, what could be more relaxing and beneficial than doing this often with your partner?