Frequently Asked Questions About Pheromones

pheromone cologne

Pheromones are the natural chemicals emitted by insects, animals, and people to attract the opposite sex. Animals use them to mark territory, find the species of the opposite sex, or declare their sexual readiness.

pheromone hormoneFor example, a dog in heat emits pheromones that can attract male dogs to a distance of one kilometer. There are also pheromone colognes used by humans, and they also play a vital role in attracting members of the opposite sex. He are some frequently asked questions about this hormone that will help you understand it better.

Do Human Beings Also Emit Natural Pheromones?

Sure! Since their development, humans have naturally emitted pheromones, but following their evolution, they have only begun to emit pheromones when they sweat. As you can understand, this is not the optimal way to meet new people. The problem is that when we shower, we wash away our natural pheromones, and after wearing the deodorant, we close and clog the pores through which the pheromones are released.

Not all people produce the exact amount of this hormone. Some produce more than others, which may be why less attractive people sometimes have no problem attracting a partner.  Considering that your body produces a small amount of pheromone at a time and that they act for a short period, you can see what benefits you could enjoy having a strong dose of synthetic human pheromones!

How Do Pheromones Work?

Human behavior is more complicated than the behavior of other types of animals, although some instincts and natural needs are the same. All living beings aspire to reproduce and consequently to mate. The release of pheromones is how opposite sexes are attracted to each other. Men and women have known for a long time that sexual attraction and scent are linked.

Precisely for this reason, every year a lot of money is used on perfumes and colognes! And although pheromones have no smell, they are perceived with the vomeronasal organ located in the back of the nose, which transmits information directly to the hypothalamus in our brain, which controls our sexual instincts.

What Reactions Can Pheromones Cause?

The widely described “instant effect,” as indicated by the mass media and on some websites, in practice is not so easy to see because pheromones are perceived unconsciously and also because people feel pheromones in the context of the situation. Do not be seduced by the excessive promises that anyone can conquer with pheromones or that the opposite sex will be carried away by desire. Pheromones are an additional means and do not work wonders. Some people’s reaction to the pheromone signal will be stronger and can range from more frequent eye contact (people smile at you, start talking to you by touching and flirting) to more open sexual reactions.